Miss Vickie's Chips started on Bill & Vickie Kerr's potato farm in 1987!

In Miss Vickie's Kitchen

Miss Vickie's History

"Miss Vickie" is Vickie Kerr, the Canadian entrepreneur who created Miss Vickie's Chips in her kitchen on the farm in 1987 in Ontario, Canada.

Vickie wanted to make healthier snack for her four young children, so she created a recipe using the potatoes her husband, Bill, grew. She left the skins on, sliced and hand-stirred them one small batch at a time. She used non-hydrogenated, 100% pure oil with no preservatives or anti-foaming agents. When the golden chips were cooked, she sprinkled them lightly with sea salt, because that's what she always used in her own kitchen.

Miss Vickie's business grew so successfully on the New Lowell farm that two other Miss Vickie's potato chip kitchens had to be established to satisfy customer demand. One kitchen was located in Quebec and the other in British Columbia. By 1992, Miss Vickie's had become a Canadian national potato chip brand!

Miss Vickie's Fans

After more than thirty-five years spent preparing food for her family in her kitchen, Vickie Kerr had the idea to write a book to compile her family's history through the food they love to eat! The title of her book is "In Miss Vickie's Kitchen". In addition to family recipes, Miss Vickie's book contains a photo album and diary of the Miss Vickie's business "start-up", and a compilation of "Letters to Miss Vickie". Release date: August 2014.

Kerr Family Meal

Sharing simple, great tasting food around the family table is a perfect time to remember and to make new memories.

Recipes that have been handed down from parents, grandparents, and loved ones help us remember them and the times sharing that food at special occasions- birthdays, celebrations, holidays. Each dish created an important emotional bridge to the family's past with fond memories of joy and comfort through the aroma and taste of particular foods.

To preserve and protect her own family legacy for her children and future grandchildren, Vickie Kerr decided to collect and record all the recipes her children enjoy.

Her journey through food has connected her to the past and her roots, through the simple recipes her family loves her to prepare.

Certainly her Miss Vickie's Chips recipe is a cherished ingredient in the Kerr family history of food. But, Miss Vickie believes fond memories of sharing favourite foods around the family dinner table is the true legacy that nourishes children on their path in life.

Included in her recipe book, "In Miss Vickie's Kitchen", are favourite foods her children love, as well as their Dad's favourites, too.

Sharing Ice Cream

Miss Vickie's husband, Bill, was her best friend, love of her life, and partner in life and business. He passed away in 1997. She and the children celebrate his memory whenever they prepare and enjoy his favourite foods: "Grandma's Brownies", "Raspberry Tarts" and "Cabbage Salad". In the photo above, their son Liam, shares a special "Chocolate Ice Cream" moment with Dad.

Miss Vickie's Kitchen

"Miss Vickie's Kitchen"

The book contains simple recipes Miss Vickie learned to make as well as those she created for her family. In the book, the preparation of each recipe is described in detail with many photos. Even the novice in the kitchen will find success and pleasure making food for those they love using Vickie's family recipes.

Miss Vickie understands that not everyone who desires to learn to bake or cook has been fortunate enough to have an experienced baker or cook to call upon for help, they way that she did when she was a young wife and mother of four small children.

Now readers can contact Miss Vickie personally as they follow any of her recipes in,

"Miss Vickie's Kitchen".

Miss Vickie is available to offer her help to others the same way she enjoyed the generous help of her family, especially Mary Kerr, Bill's mother, over the years.

Even if you have never baked before, Miss Vickie will personally guide you toward success!

Contact her by email or watch her recipe videos on MissVickiesKitchen.com and YouTube.